About Me


Lya Morse, wonderfully known across the web as Elle. She is a long time blogger, graphic designer and social media manager.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook cover, social media design or a website, it’s all about the branding.  And that’s where Elle is the strongest!  She takes your ideas and creates a brand that represents you.  With an “out-of-the-box” thinking, Elle not only advises, she educates on best practices and actively listens.  She then creates a branding representation that benefits you with a visual imagery that will last for years.

As an original corporate worker, Elle strived to create a business for herself that she, and her family, could be proud of.  Now, her goals are to work with busy entrepreneurs who are passionate about the growth of their business and can see big things for themselves and those they affect with their messaging!


When Elle isn’t working on making others look exceptional, she is a mom to 3 awesome boys and wife to a wonderful supporting husband.  Even though their house is busy (and sometimes chaotic!), they love to Praise & Worship, laugh, exercise and take daily two mile hikes together.  Besides loving her family, Elle is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to cook and learn new dishes.  She, also, LOVES to scrapbook and all things paper crafting.